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Moissanite is a certainly happening crystal that occurs in such small amounts and sizes as to be uncommercial.

It changed into observed in 1893 through Henri Moissan in a meteorite which had fallen to earth a few 50000 years ago and landed inside the Arizona wilderness. Dr Moissan started out analyzing small fragments from this meteorite and made a remarkable discovery. Embedded in it had been tiny quantities of what seemed like a new unknown jewel.

Although it takes place certainly on Earth it's miles simplest in tiny quantities and commercially unviable.

Scientists may want to see its potential as a super new jewelry stone and so set out to fabricate it in a lab. Its utility as a jewel became without delay clean and so a brand new obviously going on but additionally, man-made jewel turned into born. The process of making it is very new. It has simplest been commercially available in rings on the grounds that 1998, so is just a few years old in the jewelry marketplace.