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Threadolets are a type of branch connection fitting used in piping systems to create a branch from a main pipe or vessel. They are specifically designed for threaded connections and are used to connect pipes of different sizes or for the attachment of valves, instruments, and other components to a pipeline. Here are some key features and uses of threadolets:
Branch Connection: Threadolets ( are primarily used to create branch connections in pipelines. They are welded onto the main pipe or vessel at a specific location to provide a threaded outlet for connecting a smaller pipe or component.
Threaded Outlet: Threadolets have a threaded outlet, which allows for the easy installation of threaded components, such as valves, gauges, or other fittings. The threaded connection provides a secure and leak-free joint.
Reducing or Equal Size: Threadolets come in both reducing and equal sizes. Reducing threadolets have a smaller outlet size compared to the main pipe, while equal threadolets have the same outlet size as the main pipe.