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Texans rookie QB Davis Mills faces uphill battle

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Texans rookie QB Davis Mills faces uphill battle

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After Friday night, it would appear that former Stanford quarterback and new Houston Texan Davis Mills must be God’s strongest soldier because this is quite the hellfire he projects to enter.


Mills joins the Texans as a traditional developmental quarterback prospect. He was a former 5-star recruit out of high-school and comes from an NFL ready scheme run by Stanford coach David Shaw. The physical profile of 6-4 and 217 pounds is one that NFL teams generally salivate over.


Some Houston fans are already very excited about Mills potential when combined with new quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton, who previously contributed to the ascension of Los Angeles Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert during his rookie season. Who can blame a fan base that is starved for any glimpse of optimism during an off-season that appears written like an NFL horror story?However, someone needs to say this out loud. This pick is almost certainly going to be reviewed in hindsight as a mistake. Mills’ will need to be God’s strongest soldier because just about every factor would bet against him becoming a meaningful contributor to the Houston Texans.


There is a reason Mills was not the first round pick that people are projecting he maybe could have been a year from now. He simply did not produce very highly at the college level while at Stanford. Mills started only 11 games and during that time span threw only 18 touchdowns. He is far closer to the Mac Jones model than the Justin Fields model when it comes to his pocket mobility. Mills frequently struggled with ball placement, generally the most important trait at the next level.


All of tools are there that you might want in an NFL starter. The flashes at Stanford showed a quarterback who could one day perform at the next level. Coach Hamilton may be one of the best equipped people in the league to take Mills to the next level.


However, any fan will acknowledge that requires growth and growth is a crapshoot in the NFL. There is a reason most quarterbacks drafted in the third round and beyond turn out closer to Mason Rudolph (high end backup, recently re-signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers) than Russell Wilson.