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Tips to help you select the best property manager

What does a property manager Auckland do? And some tips to help you select the best property manager. Picking the right property manager is essential to your investment’s success.

Selecting a property manager Auckland could make or break your investment. While making the right choice, your investment will likely be safe, profitable secure. However, one small decision or wrong selection could be your worst nightmare. 

Finding a property manager can feel like a difficult task for the first time, but it’s important to ensure your tenants don’t have any surprises that arise. We want to help you place your faith in the hands of the best property manager by sharing five things to consider when meeting with them!

Go Local

When it comes to property management, local knowledge is invaluable. Local property managers have a deep understanding of their region, including what types of tenants are drawn to specific areas and, more importantly, a better grasp on the area’s pricing structure and who’s reputable and proven when it comes down to finding reputable tradespeople. 

Experience Matters

Finding a property manager is tough. A great realtor will tell you what to look for during a potential property inspection and inform you of any potential problems which may arise. It is important to find an expert that has been in business long enough – preferably at least 6 months with a successful track record. An experienced realtor will tell if there are any problems with the home that might need attention or repair sooner rather than later. 

Check Reviews References

Locating a property manager is sometimes more difficult than managing the property itself. Always ask for recommendations from people you trust and are close to. It is not recommended to rely solely on the internet to find a good property manager because there might be con artists swindling clients for their money under pretenses! 

Always check out what people are saying. You can use a search engine to find reviews of the property manager. However, make sure you’re aware that some reviews might be biased because they may have a personal or professional interest in the company. For example, an evicted tenant may put others off to tarnish their reputation and potentially hurt business for the property manager!

Flexibility Responsiveness

Property management isn’t a regular 9-to-5-type of job. It goes on when you don’t expect it to, and some even work at the weekends. Make sure your property manager works according to your schedule because if you need a problem fixed, but they’re not there at the time, then it can get costly trying to fix that yourself later on. If you have a really important deadline coming up soon, find out what hours they’ll be available during those days to ensure someone is always there for you, especially when your business may be relying on them. 

Property managers need to be responsive. You do not want a property manager failing to address an emergency repair by a tenant in good time, making you disappointed and frustrated at the slow service. It’s recommended that potential clients ring the out-of-hours number of the property management agency themselves to feel their speed of response. If one receives an answering machine and no one responds to your call – take it as a warning and do not use this property manager!

Interview Potential Candidates

Set up phone or video interviews once you have a shortlist of potentials. Your relationship with the property manager is important to ensure that you’ll be compatible in the long term. You must get invested and assess their character because it’s all about how well you can work together to ensure that things at the apartment complex run smoothly for residents.

Here are a few ideas on topics to cover in your discussion

  • Arrangements for repairs maintenance
  • Process for eviction of tenants
  • Frequency of inspections reports
  • Licences certifications
  • Fees

Finding Auckland property management or property is not an easy task, but devoting extra effort, in the beginning, will save your hours of headaches later on. Use these tips to choose the right one for your protect your property assets while maximizing your investment. 

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