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Checking In With Singapore Airlines: All You Need to Know

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If you’re flying with Singapore Airlines Flights, you may be wondering what their check-in policies are like. Here’s what you need to know about their check-in process and the options you have when it comes to getting your boarding pass. Check out this article to learn more!

When should I arrive at the airport?

Many airlines, including Singapore Airlines Flights, offer early check-in. This means you can arrive at your airport without having to wait in line. The precise time depends on which airline you are flying with, but be sure to read your ticket carefully. Early check-in is typically two hours before departure, though some airlines allow as much as four hours before departure. If you arrive too early and your flight isn't open for check-in yet, you might have a long wait until it opens. Other passengers may also have a long wait if their flights are set for late arrival and yours is already open for check-in.


How can I check in earlier?

If you need to check in before you land, make your way over to an airport counter and request an early boarding pass. You'll have to take your luggage with you, though, since there's no place for it at these desks. If you're traveling with a small carry-on bag only, consider checking in right when you arrive at the airport. Just follow signs for check-in counters, because that's where they usually are. There may be additional queues here as some airlines' agents will only process a limited number of customers every hour. Lastly, keep in mind that even if you've already checked in online or used mobile check-in and printed out your boarding pass at home, you can still do so again when arriving at  Singapore Airlines Customer Service USA  office locations.


How do I change my seat if there is an empty seat next to me?

If you're a member of Singapore Airlines reservations KrisFlyer frequent flyer program, you can check in 24 hours before departure and select your seat. If not, head to check-in when it opens and scan your ticket or e-ticket on either an iPhone or Android smartphone running from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. To find out if you can change your seat at all, look for three different colored lines: green (yes), yellow (sometimes) and red (no). Green means yes - pick a seat in any cabin and have it marked as assigned.


Does it cost anything to select my seat?

Selecting your seat ahead of time costs nothing, but you must have a paid reservation before you're able to check in. If you book Singapore Airlines Flights directly through Singapore Airlines Website (rather than a third-party booking service), you can select your seat when purchasing Sinagapore Airlines ticket. Otherwise, select your preferred seat at least 48 hours prior to departure by logging into your Singapore Airline premium economy account or by selecting Book Now and selecting Your Reservation. There's no additional fee associated with seat selection, but select early anyway! It won't cost anything but it might save you money on Singapore checked baggage fees.


Are there any extra charges for checking in luggage?

No. Checking in luggage is complimentary for all passengers traveling on Singapore Airlines miles, except for international flights departing from India. International flights departing from India, passengers will be charged a fee of SGD $ 25 per checked bag up to a maximum of 3 pieces of Sinagpore Airlines luggage. These fees apply for travel as from 1 January 2018. We also have baggage allowance limits that apply depending on your  Sinapore Airlines flight booking  class and Singapore Airlines destinations map. Please visit our website for singapore airlines baggage page for more information. Do note that all our codeshare flights are operated by other airlines who may charge fees at their own discretion based on their own rules, policies and procedures.


Are there any special rules for kids?

Yes. Kids can travel on Singapore Airlines with their parents or guardians as long as they're at least 2 years old. If a child is under 2, they have to have their own seat and an adult must purchase it for them; however, you can purchase a seat for children between 2 and 12 years old for less than half price. Babies under 8 months old may be eligible for an infant fare, but it depends on where you're traveling from. Many European airports require that your baby have traveled on his or her own passport before getting a boarding pass, so be sure to find out if your destination requires an extra document from your baby.


Do I need a visa or vaccination certificate when traveling with kids?

When traveling with kids, you'll need a visa or vaccination certificate if you're traveling from one of these countries and your child isn't an American citizen. Also note that you must have a signed, original letter on official letterhead (no copies) and written in English that states your child is authorized to travel without a parent or guardian present. The letter must bear an original signature of whomever issued it and contain all contact information, including emergency  Singapore Airlines Reservations Phone Numbers . The easiest way to get something like that is by asking your child's doctor for it. If you don't have one at home, they're pretty easy to find in big cities on sites like Yelp! There are some exceptions here though so make sure to check Singapore Airline's policy before traveling.


Should parents pay for babies on flights?

This was an area where Singapore Airlines call once had some of its own rules — up until April 2015, babies traveling on  Singapore Airlines Ticket Booking  had to be booked under an infant ticket. This is no longer true, however; you can now bring a baby aged 6 months or younger along for free (with no penalty fee) on any class of service. A fair number of carriers still have restrictions on how young your baby has to be before it can fly free with you (10-12 weeks is common), so it's worth checking with your airline if you're thinking about bringing a newborn on board . However, in terms of your flight itinerary, whether you need to specify that you want seating for two will depend largely on whether or not your child qualifies as an infant.


How many pieces of checked baggage can be taken free of charge by each passenger?

The number of bags taken free of charge depends on whether or not you are traveling on an economic or full-fare ticket. For economy class, each passenger can take one bag weighing up to 23kg, while those with a full-fare ticket can take two bags, each weighing up to 32kg. Singapore airlines official site also allow their passengers 2 pieces of cabin baggage, which do not count towards weight limits. Passengers who purchase discounted tickets may be subject to additional fees for checked baggage if they exceed these limits.


How much excess baggage can be carried?

Singapore Airlines official website is a stickler for excess baggage and overweight baggage. There are certain charges that apply if a passenger carries more than his / her allotted amount of excess baggage or if it's found to be overweight. It's important you ensure you don't carry excessive weight because passengers are only allowed to check in 10 kg per person and there is an additional allowance of 5 kg which can be carried as hand luggage. Passengers who fail to meet these requirements will have their flight denied and they won't be able to travel with Singapore Airlines flights.