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A Micro Wedding at Bristol Registry Office Followed by a Celebration with Cake within the Woods

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Our team of writers is bustling working their magic on inspiring new weddings we'll be sharing with you within the coming days and weeks.

That all said, let's enjoy our first, beautiful wedding each week.

Tom, a photographer, and a brand name consultant tied the knot on 21st July 2020 in the Registry Office, then a celebration in Leigh Woods in Bristol.

"Tom and I met at university in Falmouth, Cornwall in 2012. After university we went traveling together and returned to stay in Bristol, the mid-way point between my loved ones in Swansea, his within the West Midlands."

"In March 2018, we went back to Falmouth for some time weekend and spent the Friday exploring Cornwall before going back to our old favorite haunts within the town. As we walked in the Princess Pavilion gardens, Tom inspired me to take my photo via a stone archway on the bench overlooking the sea."

"He directed the shot coupled with me to appear out to sea before asking me to show around to manage him for the following photo. When I turned, he was recorded on one knee by having an engagement ring before him. He was able to capture my reaction before asking me to marry him."

"I desired to wear my boho wedding dress and Tom desired to have a picture with both teams of parents but above all else, both of us just desired to be married."

"This made a decision pretty easy; postponing wasn't an option. We chose to keep our original Registry Office date in the hope that people would be permitted to attend by that point. We invited the minimum of guests, all of our parents, and kept our fingers crossed that people would just be permitted to sign the papers and become married."

"There were several tears shed over lost deposits and never spending our big day surrounded by all of our friends and family, but everybody was incredibly understanding whenever we told them about our plans, and thankfully, our photographer, Maureen is flexible, kind, and understanding about our changing situation."

"My shorter 'city' dress was my mum's wedding gown that she altered to get rid of the puffy 80s sleeves! My long 'forest' dress is as simple as. did an excellent job of altering it to make it fit me just like a glove."

"I loved wearing my Mum's dress probably the most. It was sentimental and comfy! It fit me perfectly with no alteration, we simply removed the sleeves."

"Tom and I made our rings from a combination of my loved ones and his family gold which was melted together. We were lucky enough to get within the workshop before lockdown to hand-make one another's rings under Lucy's wonderful supervision."

"This was our favorite part of the marriage run-up and our rings are extremely sentimental understanding that they're not just made from recycled family gold but were produced by each other."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Make a listing! My Dad's advice helped us concentrate on what was important for all of us. It's so easy to become swept up with wedding ceremony planning and the lockdown gave us the chance to reevaluate what we should desire to get out of our day."

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