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Everything You Need to Know About Emirates Airlines' Refund Policy

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If you’re considering traveling with Emirates cheap flights, or are a frequent flyer, it’s important to know their policies on refunds in the event that something comes up and you need to cancel your ticket. In this article, we’ll explain what the Emirates Airlines refund policy cove


What are the requirements

What are your options? How many miles do you need? What can you not get a refund for? Is it possible to transfer miles, or put them on hold if you're not sure when and where you'll be traveling? Are there any blackout dates or holidays that result in no refunds being issued that year? We've compiled all of these answers and more into our Everything You Need To Know About Refunds On Emirates Airways post. Check it out and let us know if we missed anything!


How long after booking do I have to request a refund

If you need to cancel or change your Emirates Flight Ticket for any reason, you must do so at least an Emirates Contact Number 24 Hours before your flight's departure time. This will ensure that you get a full refund. If you fail to meet that deadline, here’s what happens: More than 24 hours—but less than four days—before departure: Full refund minus a 10 percent service fee (or maximum of $200) Within four days of departure: 50 percent refund minus a 10 percent service fee (or maximum of $200) No-show: No refund The credit card used at booking must also be presented when requesting a refund; otherwise, it can take up to five business days for your bank to process it. What if I want more information about Emirates Airlines' policies?


When do I get my refund

After your Emirates Baggage size is screened and you go through immigration, you can claim a refund on your luggage at any of these kiosks. The Emirates check-in counter is open 24 hours before a flight and until two hours after it leaves. So, if your trip home has been delayed by two hours or more, you can get a Emirates ticket refund at one of these locations. For example, if you arrive at 5:00 pm for a 6:00 pm flight, you can still claim your refund. Just make sure that you have all of your travel documents with you when claiming a refund. If they are missing or damaged, then Emirates will not be able to give you a full refund. If there are no self-service kiosks available near where you're waiting for your flight, then ask an airport employee for help instead of trying to find someone in person who works for Emirates Flights. They'll be able to help even if they aren't employed directly by Emirates flight refund policy as long as they are employed in an airport location where passengers wait for their flights from Emirates Airlines flights.


Will I get my refund in cash or miles?

Some airlines allow you to use your miles for a refund and others only give you a cash refund. Emirates Airways will only offer a cash refund, so if that’s what you’re looking for then make sure that they do so before Emirates Airlines booking your flight. Otherwise, you may be out of luck if something goes wrong with your flight or if you simply want your money back. A lot of people end up wasting their hard-earned miles when they try using them for refunds instead of saving them for future travel. As long as there aren’t any changes made by either party, an airline can still issue a full credit for tickets without having to pay anything out-of-pocket.


Can I get a refund if I am denied boarding?

If you are denied boarding on an Emirates flight, or need to cancel a reservation before your flight departs, you can apply for a refund. To receive a refund, passengers must cancel their reservation at least 48 hours before departure and provide adequate notice of any circumstance that requires a change or emirates ticket cancellation. This includes advance notification if there is a death in your family, which qualifies for certain refunds under special circumstances outlined by Emirates Airlines. If you are denied boarding after checking in for your flight, then you can apply for an advance payment voucher (APV), which will be used as credit toward future flights with Emirates website. Under all circumstances, these advance payments cannot exceed $650 per person and must be used within 12 months from the time they were issued.


How much is my refundable fare?

If you purchased your ticket through a third-party travel agency, such as Expedia or Priceline, check with them first. They will likely refund your fare within 24 hours. If you booked directly with Emirates Airline, you should expect a refund within four days. Most refunds will be in cash, though American Express and Visa have special arrangements with Emirates Airline tickets that allow travelers to receive their refunds in credit card form. However, these methods will likely cost you extra money because of processing fees. Fortunately, if your trip is canceled within seven days of departure—and tickets were nonrefundable—most airlines will offer full refunds.


Under what circumstances will Emirates provide me with an alternative flight free of charge?

The price of a Emirates flight ticket cannot be refunded. However, if your flight is delayed or cancelled and you arrive at your destination more than 4 hours later than planned, you may be entitled to alternative transportation expenses free of charge. As always, please check with Emirates Airline’s representative at check-in for details on your specific flight and circumstances. There are various conditions that must be met in order for these expenses to be covered by Emirates Airline's policy.


In what time frame should I expect a response from you?

If a customer contacts us with a refund request, we normally send an e-mail back within 3 days. If we request additional information, it can take up to 10 days. But don’t worry – if there is a delay, we will contact you directly. Rest assured that all refund requests are being processed. Many customers ask what time frame they should expect for their return or refund from Emirates airlines. The answer is that you should not have to wait long at all for your requests to be processed as our Emirates Customer Support agents are always ready and waiting for your reply as soon as possible! When returning items through Dubai airport, one can have their refunds processed in just 30 minutes after dropping off their Emirates checked-in luggage in the airport. How does one start a request?