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A Modern, Festive Wedding in London

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They were married on 21 December 2019 in Deptford, South East London.

Friendly Place is a unique film, photographic, and events studio full of character and curiosities.

Zoe appeared as if a fairy queen in her ethereal tulle dress embellished with Swarovski crystals and delightful beading.

"I wanted something classic but having a bit of sparkle because of the time of year. I love soft tulle, so ensure that was high on my small list too, however the back from the dress sold it in my experience – invisible lace with delicate embroidery and beading detail."

Zoe asked her bridesmaids to put on champagne bridesmaid dresses that belongs to their choosing, and didn't all of them look magical together? I love the variety of styles and fabrics, from sequins to silk and velvet in shades that range from antique to bright gold.

"My artist/Buddhist brother Mathew, and costume-designer girlfriend Emma foraged for and arranged all of the flowers."

"We added several stems of eucalyptus, gypsophila, and thistles, and tied all of them with long velvet ribbons. They looked so beautiful and seasonal."

A white London cab transported Zoe to One Friendly Place in style.

"Our twin nieces Lottie and Ella were in classic flower girl dresses. I loved the oversized bow around the back, and that we paired all of them with white bolero cardigans with gold sequins and flower crowns."

Zoe walked down the aisle along with her dad, Alan, choosing I'll Try Anything Once by The Strokes as her entrance music.

"We have been colleagues and good friends for six glorious years before we realized that people were intended to be together. By that time we knew one another inside out, therefore it wasn't well before James moved along with me and Pip (the kitty) in Camberwell."

"That Christmas, James inquired about marrying him at our favorite boutique BB in Dorset – Abbots Court, and something a blissful year later we tied the knot."

James was built with a wonderful time getting his suit designed to measure at and went for any fantastic dark green Merino wool three-piece, that they wore with braces, along with a navy blue polka dot tie.

"Our first dance ended up being to In My Life by The Beatles, then, who're friends of James'. A fantastic couple of ragtag musicians nobody elevated the nighttime to another level. Everybody loved them. We couldn't recommend them enough. Our DJ seemed to be a friend, Jim Griffin."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Try and spend your day together. It's tempting to 'divide and conquers' to obtain round as numerous guests as you possibly can, but James and I spent the majority of the day together, found ourselves within the middle of many dance circles, and that we're glad that people have a lot of shared memories."

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