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Carey explains on his blog that using the app means

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Normally, someone who writes documentation for Elden Ring Items to earn a living, Carey described the lack of a quest tracking system in Elden Ring as a "big access barrier". It's particularly an issue for "more novice gamers" in spite of it being acknowledged that it was deliberately designed by FromSoftware.

The iOS application could fill in the gap for those that don't have any tracker. It's more of a database-based app that allows users to manually input the names of characters as well as locations. They can also record notes to quests. The app was created in conjunction with Elden Ring in mind, but it could technically be used with other games that offer extra quests.

Carey explains on his blog that using the app means that he can manage his time "without being able to spend 20 hours a week". It's an easy but very efficient app. Currently number one in the App Store's Entertainment category, it's priced at PS2.49 the download.

In the past, it was announced that an in-browser interactive map for elden ring weapons the game was made available. It includes all locations that are the items Sites of Grace, bosses, NPCs and bosses as well as upgrades, and more.