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Invest And Resell Non Fungible Music $NFM In Best Price

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The Non Fungible Music $NFM has become a new market for collectors, cheering up a bored community.

Hence the record market growth figures for 2021. A difficult year 2022 may lead to some drawdown in sales volumes and, accordingly, earnings on Non Fungible Music $NFM, but it is definitely not too late to jump on the bandwagon of the outgoing train.

Those who are familiar with collecting may take the risk of dealing with Non Fungible Music $NFM trends. People still value exclusivity and the item should give the buyer the feeling of owning something truly unique. For example, the first tweet from Jack Dorsey , about which we also already wrote . It was sold a year ago for $2.9 million. Not the second or tenth tweet, but the first one.

The second component is touching the world of famous people. Celebrities are actively supplying their tokens to the NFM markets. How about a $17,000 exclusive video of Kate Moss sleeping? Perhaps in a year it can be resold at twice the price.




The so-called fractional NFM have become a new trend for the NFM market, where the indivisibility of the token previously reigned. Most Pinterest likely, in 2022 they will receive the widest distribution. If there is no money for an expensive crypto asset, now you can buy a part of it. 

Exposed Walls intends to sell Banksy's Gorilla in a Pink Mask mural taken from a real wall. Sell ​​in parts, in the form of Non Fungible Music $NFM. The cost of such a fractional NFT is about $750. Total tokens - 10,000 pieces.