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5 checks to make before buying land to build a house on

Before you leap by Property Management NZ to buy land to build a house, there are several things you need to look out for. Read on for more on property management NZ.

When choosing a location to build on and property management services, you can't ignore the importance of proximity to things like schools, commerce or even transportation. While you should factor in how close it is to your neighbours and future customers, this checklist will help you evaluate the land in and around Hamilton with a specific focus on traffic flow, community engagement and even ease of shipping!


  1. Zoning and covenants

Please ensure your garden property isn't zoned for a poultry farm before submitting it because your new dream home may be restricted in what it looks like and where it can be placed. Covenants may dictate, among other restrictions, that your fence must be at least one meter from the property line, the colour of fascias and roofing materials, the number of parking spaces you can have – or even how many pets are allowed in total. It's advisable to thoroughly read all covenants and check whether they suit your wants before agreeing to purchase anything.


  1. Slope

Building on a slope often requires additional costs, such as retaining walls. Such additions can add thousands to the construction costs of your new home. Moreover, a steep site may require a highly customised and extra secure design to ensure the final home is safe and functional.


  1. Soil

As a prospective lot buyer, there's always a temptation to overlook the dirt in exchange for everything above ground. But prospective builders will not fall for that! So instead, learn more from various home construction sites online on exactly how the density, composition and attributes of your soil can impact what kind of foundations your new home will have. For example, sand and peat cannot support high bearing pressures, while the clay is known to expand when it gets wet and then contract once it dries up.


  1. Services

Do you have any utilities connected to the site already, or do you need to connect power from the gate to where you need it onsite? The cost will vary depending on what needs to be done. If setting up a lifestyle block, remember this can be very expensive and time consuming if no utilities are currently in place.


  1. Title

Before you buy any land or property, always do your due diligence. Make sure the land title is signed off before you purchase. This is particularly pertinent to subdivisions, often sold without a land title and could delay new builds if not dealt with promptly.


A note on easements

Easements are part of a land title, which allows Property Management NZ to use another person's land for a particular purpose. For example, an easement may let a homeowner lie fibre-optic cables to their home over the edge of a neighbour's property.

If you are considering a piece of land to build your next home, make sure it has some legislative easements so that you can connect its services, such as water and power. Because, after all, why go through the trouble of trying to legally connect them yourself when there are easier ways.

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