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dasatinib 50 mg tablet price in india

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Dasacine is a prescription-based regimen available in the dose form of tablets (50mg each). This medicine is used for the treatment of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is also an effective option for chronic myelogenous leukemia treatment. The side effects of dasatinib tablets may include fever, nausea, and vomiting. Purchase this medicine at a low rate on Magicine Pharma.


fulvestrant 250 mg price

Fulvant is a hormone therapy medicine comprising fulvestrant in the strength of 250mg / 5ml. This injection may help manage breast cancer in certain postmenopausal females. fulvestrant 250mg is available on Magicine Pharma at a reasonable rate. Up to 23% off is offered on all such cancer therapy medicines. Avail fast shipping services alongside.