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How to apply for a student visa in the UK?

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In recent years, the interest in studying in the UK is overgrowing. Many students visit the office of AIMS Education to know how to get a student visa for the UK in 2022?

The question of how to apply for a student visa in the UK is always in students’ minds who want to enroll in a UK university. Usually, the visa issue comes when a student chooses a university and gets an offer letter. Most importantly, a student gets selected by a UK university.

Ok, what’s next? After getting selected, a student needs to apply for a visa through the nearest UK embassy in his country or online. The steps you need to follow to apply for a student visa in the UK are-

Your fingerprints and photographs at a visa application center for biometric information.

Use the ‘ UK Immigration: ID check’ app to scan the identity document.

You need to create or sign in to the UK Visas and Immigration account. After starting your visa application process, you can save it and complete it later.

After the visa application, you will get a decision within 3 weeks.

The visa fee to apply will be £ 348.

What to do when the decision on your visa application takes longer?

If your application is complex, the decision will be longer. In this situation, you might take some steps. Such as-

To verify the supporting documents you provide.

You need to attend an interview

you may provide a criminal record certificate