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Show Business Industry in Kazakastan

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Show Business Industry in Kazakastan. As you can see, show business is not the easiest thing to do. Some artists even have second and third

As you can see, show business is not the easiest thing to do. Some artists even have second and third sources of income. What can we say about those who, in fact, are engaged in business in this area, about producers.

Motivation for such people is basically the same. For example, Eric Tastembekov and Yerlan Alimov are music lovers themselves. So for them, this business is also a tribute to their favorite business. “As for the producer Zhomart Suleimenov, he was motivated, according to him, by the desire to improve the quality of modern music in Kazakhstan. All show business figures, speaking about the reasons for their appearance on this market, referred to some humanistic motives, and not to “market expectations”. So everyone who decides to get into show business should remember that one part of this phrase is in big question.

The size of the Kazakh show business market is estimated at $10 million, according to the Euro Event Agency, while 80% of the income is generated by that business. For comparison, neighboring Russia, with a population 10 times larger than Kazakhstan, generates $3.5 billion in the music industry, that is, 350 times more. The show business of the USA is in the lead in the world ranking, collecting $4.9 billion.” /33/ What influences the development of show business in Kazakhstan, what is the potential of this market and what personnel will replace the current musicians?

“It is in Kazakhstan that toy business is very developed. 17 million people is not a market for show business, many artists say." /34/ To do this, it is necessary to establish a common infrastructure in all areas - concert halls, equipment, and the like. If Kazakhstan starts counting debits and credits, hires an artist for promotion, starts investing money in him and does not take into account that business, but only engages in show business as it should be, then everyone is doomed to failure. What about concerts? The cons are also more prevalent than the pros.

“Firstly, the rent of the hall costs an average of $20,000. And this is just an empty hall.

Secondly, rent of light, sound, etc.

I mean, a lot of artists are outraged that the costs are so much more than their potential earnings."

Maybe we should start exporting, since the size of the market doesn't suit us?

“Many artists believe that we are simply not adapted, besides, export is possible only with the countries of the post-Soviet period. But unfortunately, for several years now, exports from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine have been growing rapidly, and they hardly need to be replenished.” 

Maybe it's time for our artists to enter the global market?

Artists believe that they are not ready to do this, it is not easy. To enter the international arena must be:

political goals
transmission of our culture,
- Accordingly, it is necessary that the state subsidizes, press attaches, diplomats help. In order for our talents to be able to break through, we need large investments, we need serious management. An artist should not do things that are far from creativity. We need to nurture management in show business, we need to teach people to count money and earn it in a normal, honest, correct way.