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World of Warcraft TBC Classic: Things you need to know

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The upgrade to the classic version of World of Warcraft is one of the main selling points of the game: a great experience that defines most of the journey, and a vehicle for many players' favorite moments. Given that Outland and the new 70-level cap are the most important things in this expansion, the speed of gaining experience must be adjusted.

From level 20 to level 60, the amount of experience required has been reduced by about 15%. In addition, the experience points gained when turning in quests between levels 30-60 have also increased. Some missions and monsters that were once elites are now regular, which makes it easier for players to upgrade individually.

TBC Classic flying. How to get flying TBC Classic. TBC Classic content you need to know. Tips for TBC Classic. One of the flying mounts of the tribe in TBC Classic / Activision Blizzard. Except for the druid who can pick up the flying form after reaching level 68, the other classes must sink 900 TBC Classic Gold to obtain a 60% speed flying mount. Flying ensures that you can travel efficiently in difficult areas such as Netherstorm or Blade's Edge Mountains. Most importantly, during some steps in your tuning process, flying is necessary.

Don't neglect the task after reaching level 70. Obviously, once you reach the upper limit of level 70, you will not gain more experience points, but this does not mean that you should abandon any tasks in the task log. In order to make up for the loss of experience, each task rewards double the value of TBC Classic Gold.

Completing tasks at the highest level might be another way to get some WOW TBC Classic Gold has been accumulated for the 900 TBC Classic Gold flying mounts that must eventually be purchased. MMOSO provides safe and quick sales of WOW TBC Classic Gold.