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Tips to Rank Up from Bronze to Champion in Rocket League

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This guide will be listing the key mechanical and strategic skills we believe Rocket League players should invest in to reach Champion rank.


Welcome to Part 3 of the Daily Esports Rocket League Ranked Guide. This guide will be listing the key mechanical and strategic skills we believe Rocket League players should invest in to reach Champion rank.

Ranking up in Rocket League can be a frustrating endeavour and it is very easy to let this frustration get to you and become “tilted”. Being tilted is when you start trying to force games by trying to carry your teammate and you will usually find that you play worse because of it.

Bronze to Silver

The most important thing to rank up from Bronze to Silver is learning how to defend. You should make sure you are able to save 100% of the shots in the Rookie Goalkeeper training pack, about 70% of the shots in the Pro training pack and ideally 50% of the All-Star pack, so keep drilling these when you first boot up the game to warm up. The Bronze rank becomes easy when you know how to defend.

Silver to Gold

The Silver to Gold leap is very much similar to the Bronze to Silver. You really still want to avoid the ball-chasing chaos that is still often quite prevalent in this rank, but it won’t be as easy as just simply knowing how to defend. For this rank, you will need to learn how to hit the ball hard and you’ll need to know how to aerial, as defenders are a little more capable at this rank.

The best way to hit the ball hard is to hit the ball with the nose of your car and front-flip into it by double-jumping while your analogue stick is pushed forward. This will allow you to clear the ball with power and put in some shots that few people at this level will be able to save. The best time to utilise this powershot is right after the ball bounces. This will give you the most power and the defenders are unlikely to react quickly enough.

Use the in-game aerial training packs to work on your aerial ability. There is an excellent aerial tutorial video on YouTube from a player known as "Kevpert" and his tutorials are fantastic for practicing your mechanical skill. You should be learning to utilise dodges in your aerials. Once you jump into the air and boost up, you have a window of approximately 1.5 seconds to use your second jump to dodge (flip) your car into the ball. This is an excellent way of throwing defenders off at this rank as it gives the ball that extra bit of power.

Gold to Platinum

To reach the Platinum title, you should focus much on your wall-play, car control and dribbling. You should head into free-play and hit the ball towards the bottom of the wall and then follow it as it rolls up to hit it off. Just start learning how to control your car properly, see how the dodges work in relation to which way your nose is pointing, and utilise air-roll with your aerials to get that extra precision. Dribbling is also a key skill that you should learn at this rank.

Platinum to Diamond

This is where the game starts to become less about mechanics and more about positioning. You need to learn how to position yourself well and be aware of your teammates. But equally as important is learning how to recover quickly. This means, when you go up for a high aerial, you want to be landing on all four wheels, whether it’s back on the ground or on the walls. If you do land on the walls, try to land with your nose facing down so you can boost back down and recover your momentum quickly. Utilise power-slide turning and the half-flip, where you cancel a flip midway and rotate your car to get back on the wheels. This is the fastest way of turning around and will save your skin many a time once you master it. You can find tutorials on half-flips and powerslide turning on YouTube.

For positioning and awareness, you should dive into a casual game. Personally I would recommend learning on 2v2 and then move up to 3v3 when you feel a bit more confident but you will want to move onto 3v3 pretty quickly, as it is a lot harder to see five people rather than three. The quicker you get the hang of it, the more useful it will be. When you’re in the casual game, just watch what everyone else is doing and try to position yourself in the best possible place to deal with anything that might get thrown at you. It’s not essential that you get involved in the attack. Just make sure you are there to capitalise on any mistakes.

The third essential “skill” to get up to Diamond is trust in your teammates. This is essential in the move up to Diamond as the most common thing I see in Platinum is double-commits from people who just don’t believe that their teammate will hit the ball properly. You are much better off waiting to see how your teammate is going to hit the ball and react to it rather than trying to beat him to the ball and taking you both out of the game.

Diamond to Champion

Ranking up to Champion means you need to play fast and you need to play smart and you’ll need to completely eliminate hesitation from your game to keep up. The things I learned that I needed to reach the next step on the competitive ladder were fast, intelligent rotations, passing plays, strategic bumps/demolitions, and "fakes".

It is also essential that you miss the ball less, so go into some training packs that you find really difficult and grind them out until you can consistently hit the ball where you want it to go. Don't always aim for the goal on these shots but try to aim it at the walls for double-taps and the corner where the ground meets the wall to pop the ball back out to get another shot. Doing this will give you a great advantage in your competitive games as you will be learning how to play the ball around your opponents rather than just trying to get the ball past them. You can also use this to train your passes by imagining a teammate somewhere on the pitch.

One of the major differences between Diamond and Champion is improvisation and fast rotations. Very often in Diamond, you see people completing the full “1-2-3” rotations where 1 passes the ball to 2 and rotates out to position 3, 3 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 1, and repeat. This is the fundamentals of Rocket League rotation but to make it to Champion, you have to be aware that your rotations have to be faster which means you, as number 1, hit the ball and instead of going to position 3, you may very well need to improvise and become position 1 again very quickly because the ball could be in a situation that is best for you to attack.

In the Diamond ranks, I often see position 1 rotating all the way back to position 3, usually via the 100% side boost, but quite often going all the way back for the corner boosts which kills your momentum and just allows your opponents to gain possession of the ball. This is something that you have to learn how to eradicate from your game and you’ll make a lot of mistakes early on, but keep at it if you want to get up to those purple ranks. When rotating out of offense, it is very much worth a quick check to see if you can get a strategic demolition on your way to your next position.

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