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Men if Nba2k21 had been deleted. Can I lose my mycareer?

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If the game was deleted from 2K21 MT your hard disk? If that is the case, it wouldn't be deleted. Playstation? XBox? PC? Playstation, no since the game

Save files are different than the game install itself. In case you'd delete it you can submit a ticket in the nba 2k website. I have spun the wheel and won ( Free 2k Shoes Free NBA Store Item ) but when I go to select something shows up. I have looked everywhere in the store and nothing is free. Been like this for two days now. Anybody else with this problem?

Consensus appears pretty dreadful for 2k21 but I gotta scrape that basketball itch after the Nuggets dropped off the Clippers. I got every one of the builds on 2k20. Wondering if I should start new again in 2k21? Gameplay speed is faster in mycareer compared to 2k20 shootings insane sus need hella badges which means grinding mycareer new shot stick makes dribbling differnt it took me about a week to get down but id just wait till its on sale or if they come out with a chin dropping update/patch.

In the event you play online a lot, obtaining 2k21 is necessary, otherwise stick with 2k20, I just bought 2k20 because it is requested by my yt viewers. Just wait a couple months my guy, psn will have it at no cost. Same game as 2k20.

Endorsement deal negotiations TEXT BASED Agent interactions TEXT BASED Coach connections TEXT BASED. Team Training EXACT COPY of 2K20. Heck even the terrible appearing MyPlayer facial scan on the 2K21 App produced precisely the same wonky looking confront as 2K20's App. Note: the game refers to aspects of the game that are simply not there. You get to Cheap MT 2K21 pick your agent and among the skills is reducing the negative impact of choices on your team chemistry. But you no longer make choices to gain fans or effect team chemistry... It is actually kind of shocking that they are charging $60 for what's effectively an asset flip with low content.