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The Cookie Clicker achievement name on Steam is as long as the praise

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Cookie Clicker recently jumped to Steam, so it introduced fancy new features such as cloud storage and Steam achievements. They also found that the character limit for Steam achievements is surprisingly long, far beyond what the small pop-up window in the corner of the screen can accommodate. The achievement name often feels like an afterthought. Usually forgotten, at best, a mild and funny pun will beep on your screen as a reward for collecting 15 trinkets.

"There is really no hard limit to the length of these achievement names. To be honest, I would like to know how far we can go."

Although Cookie Clicker is eight years old, it still sticks to it. The game quickly received an "overwhelmingly positive" rating on Steam-which proves that although a lot of changes may have occurred in the past 10 years, our common desire to see numbers rise remains as strong as ever.

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