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The way to get Shiny Celebi in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Shiny Celebi finally entered Pokemon Sword Shield. This fabulous Pokemon is one of the rarest Pokemon in the series. If you like it, you can buy Legendary Pokemon on PKMbuy. Initially debuted in Pokemon Gold and Silver, players can only obtain Celebi through special events that unlock the GS Ball item.

To celebrate the movie Secrets of the Jungle release, players will be able to obtain this shiny Celebi for themselves. Celebi itself will reach level 60 with the ability Natural Cure and the moves Magical Leaf, Future Sight, Life Dew, and Heal Ball. Here is how players can get this legendary Pokemon.

To get this legendary Pokemon, players need to register for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter before September 25th and choose email marketing. After the deadline, players will receive a special email with a password to receive the shiny Celebi.

To get it, just start Pokemon Sword and Shield and go to the pause menu. Select the mystery gift option, and then claim the code provided in the email. Then, the player will see a short animation of the arrival of the shiny Celebi. Players can now add this legendary Pokemon to their collection.

Does every player have their own Shiny Celebi now? Players who don't have one can do it quickly according to the above method. If you need other Pokemon, you can go to PKMBuy Buy Legendary Pokemon at any time.