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The three strongest Pokemon in the Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Because Pokemon Sword and Shield does not include National Pokedex and has some graphics that fans consider inconspicuous, the series is controversial among fans. But it made up for these shortcomings by showing some of the most powerful Pokemon introduced into the franchise, which was a wise decision. Let PKMBuy show you three of the strongest.

1. Dracovish
Dracovish has good defensive power and size, and due to it is Water/Dragon-type, and has Fishious Rend move offensive ability, it is one of the most respected Fossil Pokemon in the series. You can Buy Shiny Pokemon from PKMbuy if you don't have one in the game.

If Dracovish attacks before the opponent, the power of this already powerful Water-type move will be doubled. If Pokemon possesses the powerful jaw ability that strengthens the bite move, the power of the Fishious Rend will be further enhanced. Dracovish can also learn several other biting moves to make this ability more practical and make this Pokemon a potential strong in battle.

2. Dragapult
The pseudo-Legendary Dragapult of the Galar region is known for its speed. Although its defense data is not impressive, especially when compared to other pseudo-Legendaries, Dragapult is most suitable as a glass cannon.

Dragapult is also one of the best dual-type ghost Pokemon, because its amazing speed attribute allows it to attack faster than its opponents, and its high offensive attribute usually allows it to complete tasks quickly. Dragapult is also fortunate to be the first pseudo-Legendary to use Ghost to type. As long as it can knock down opponents quickly, Dragapult is a great fighter.

3. Cinderace
Cinderace's defense power and HP are insufficient, but its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. Although Cinderace can use the skill Blaze, its function is similar to other fully evolved beginner's type enhancement skills, but its hidden ability Libero makes it one of the most unpredictable Pokemon in the Galar area. With excellent speed, Cinderace can also be unstoppable.

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