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How to View Files From SD Card in android Nuxe Storage

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The file: /// sdcard / command is useful for accessing the internal memory of the device.

Many of you might not know that you can view file:///sdcard/ using Nuxe Storage. So what are those differences between this app and other apps that do the same thing? First of all it supports conversion to both SD and CF memory card. It also provides protection against "burn-in", which is the phenomenon wherein certain information (such as images or text) tends to be displayed continuously, even after the information has been deleted from the internal storage of your smartphone. Lastly, you can use Nuxe Storage to access and view all these information simultaneously even when your phone is not connected to any computer.

With the preceding information, what exactly is the way in which Nuxe Storage will help you? If you're wondering about how you gain access to your files, Nuxe Storage provides two options for you. You can either enable the hidden file manager, or you can go into "My Files" section. With the hidden file manager enabled, you'll be able to see all your files on the main screen, which includes all thumbnails, folders, subtitles, video, music and extra items such as passwords etc.

Now let's go into "My Files" section. Here, you'll find two sub-folders namely "Old Files" and "New Files". The first sub-folder is where you can find all your old files such as the old versions of the files that you've stored on your internal storage. The second sub-folder is where you can find the new versions of your files, which include the new versions of your files as well as folders such as " Downloads", "Spaces", "Dirs", "Favorites" and so forth.