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Know more about fat freezing technology: Coolsculpting

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Weight loss is the first step to healthy living. However, not everyone achieves their ideal body.

There are a few areas in the body that harbor stubborn fats. The areas include the belly, thighs, arms, chin, love handle, and bra strap area. Luckily, Coolsculpting Los Angeles offers an excellent solution.

Coolsculpting is simply a fat-freezing process. Fay cells are sensitive to cold, and they die once they get into extended contact with a cold surface. However, the temperatures do not damage other body cells. 

The Coolsculpting Process

First, you should have a fat layer you can pinch. The experts will use a vacuum-like tool to hold the treatment area. Then, they’ll set the temperature depending on the area of treatment and the size of the fat layer.

The process is uncomfortable for the first few minutes, and it gets comfortable once the surrounding cells go numb. The fat cells will freeze to death in a few minutes. 

After the session, the expert will massage the treatment area gently. It’s another uncomfortable process but very vital. It helps disintegrate the frozen fat cells for easier metabolism. 

Benefits of Coolsculpting

The greatest benefit of fat freezing is that you get permanent results. However, experts at any coolsculpting Los Angeles clinic will advise you to keep your weight under check. If fats occur in other areas, they can find their way to the treatment area.

Other benefits are that the process is quick and painless. Also, you need no downtime. It's affordable, but you can't use your insurance cover. The process will tighten loose skin around the treatment area. You'll notice optimum results between 8-12 weeks after the first treatment session.


The major risk coolsculpting poses is the paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. It's more common among men than women. However, the condition is very rare. The condition is when the fat cells multiply instead of shrinking. In such a case, you should seek an alternative fat removal method.

Side Effects of Coolsculpting

  • Reduces sensation at the treatment area
  • Swelling and redness
  • Bruising on the treatment area
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Localized pain, aching, and stinging sensation on the skin
  • Tugging sensation


Coolsculpting Los Angeles gives a solution to stubborn fats. However, you need to know your expectations and the risks involved. The side effects are nothing to worry about. Most patients report that they disappear with time, and only a few patients need painkillers to relieve the pain.