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Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants Week 14 Madden 21 Simulation

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Will the New York Giants continue their four consecutive victories against the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday? The Giants are in a strong position to win the playoffs with their current lead in the NFC East. Although this momentum is largely favored by them, Madden seems to be predicting that their winning streak will end. If you are a player of Madden 21, then you can Buy Madden 21 Coins to enhance the game's strength.

Last week's Madden simulation ended a series of correctly predicted results, including the Giants' three-game winning streak. Interestingly, Madden’s prediction for the Cardinals this week is similar to that of the Seahawks. The Giants' offensive production began with Wayne Gallman's 36-yard tackle. That game created the first point of the game for the Giants, which was a pass by Darius Slaiden. Later, Slayton scored the second touchdown of the day, extending New York's lead to 14-6. Arizona finally matched Christian Kirk's touchdown reception before the semifinals.

The Giants seemed to be holding the game. This was Jintaite's five-yard scoring in the middle of the third quarter, raising the score to 21-13. However, some of the late antics of Kyler Murray positioned Arizona as a tie with the game. Murray scrambled to enter the end zone and set the score at 19-21. In the next game, he did exactly the same thing, tied the game at the age of 21.

For New York, the overtime seems to be very favorable, because they entered the field in three games, but were eventually blocked within the shooting range. Graham Gano hit a 50-yard field goal, and the result was left to the defender. The Giants' robust defense was interrupted in Arizona's final sprint because they easily entered the 5-yard line. Maxx Williams won the game by winning the game winning points from Murray.

Daniel Jones had a great day with a hamstring injury, throwing for 226 yards and making 3 touchdowns. Wayne Gallman rushed for 116 yards. Madden predicted that the Giants’ winning streak would end, but it’s worth noting that they predicted the same result last week. Finally, if you want to buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins, please visit the famous GameMS.


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