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How much does microneedling cost for one sitting?

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This article will let you know how much does microneedling cost for one sitting.

How much does microneedling cost ?  It's a question that you will get from all people of different skin colors. The answer may be the same in the facilities. However,  microneedling dark skin  might cost you more since it needs some additional treatment. 

Dark skin will show more trauma and skin damage out of a bit of scratch. Thus, the extra care helps reduce the effect of several microneedles pricking the skin simultaneously. You don’t need to avoid microneedling when there are dermatologists that can handle your skin perfectly. 

Microneedling Cost For One Sitting

One microneedling session will; cost you about $200 to $700. However, you need at least three sessions to get optimum results. Thus, the lowest cost range for microneedling is $600 to $2100. 

Some have severe skin damage that needs more than three sessions to get optimum results. For instance, some people need six sessions to see great results. Thus, their microneedling price range will be at $1200 to $4200.

The difference in the services depends on several factors. First, it’s the quality of the tools your expert uses. Also, the skills and techniques they will apply. Different spas or clinics have different target clients. Celebrity-grade clinics and spas will charge you more than average spas and clinics. 

Since microneedling is a cosmetic procedure, you’ll need to offset all the bills. Some clinics accept a treatment plan that you’ll need to pay in installments. 

Microneedling and Extra Services

How much does microneedling cost  will depend on the technique and extra services that your skin needs? Cosmetic or home sessions are the easiest services you can get. You don't need assistance from a professional. Thus, it's the cheapest since all you need is a derma roller that costs $ 14 to $ 145. Microneedling with added serum will cost about $ 240 for one sitting. It's an excellent service to fight aging signs. 

Microneedling dark skin may need extra radiofrequency services. It helps to reduce scarring, and you'll need four sessions for the best results. It will cost you $ 1545 for four sessions. 

If you need microneedling with extra skin tightening treatment, then you can have it alongside PRP. The service needs at least $ 750 per session. 


How much does microneedling cost depends on the skin damage, location, practitioner, and technique? You can pay extra if you need microneedling for dark skin. Dark skin tones need extra care to prevent scarring.