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12 Tips To Handle A Last Minute Move

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12 Tips To Handle A Last Minute Move

It's difficult enough to have to pack all your life to move into a new home, but when you have to do that and still, do it fast, you better have an easy and practical method to support you, otherwise the memories you will hold for years to come will be bitter and frustrating, turning what should have been a joyous occasion into a living nightmare!

Luckily, that easy and practical method is reachable; there are many ways to make any fast move go smoothly and enjoyably, and it has all to do with organization. Follow these tips and find the bright side of moving.

1. Prepare a list. Write down everything, no matter how insignificant it seems. Create a simple record keeping system to pack boxes, be it numbers, colors, or anything else. Get a notebook and write down in detail everything that goes in each labeled box, when it is ready, put it down on your designated "To Go Central", meaning, everything that is there is ready to go. You should also have a packing area, where you have everything from scissors to labels, tape and markers.

2. Have enough supplies. Get enough boxes, better safe than sorry. Save around ten boxes for last minute packing, things like bedding, clothing, and cleaning supplies. Use strong tape and unprinted newspaper or bubble wrap to protect your belongings. You will need more than you think of everything, so get a lot of supplies and return what's left at the end.

3. Use wardrobe boxes. They are great for things like pillows, comforters, blankets, and clothes. Calculate how many boxes you will need and ask the Seattle moving company to bring enough so that you don't have to over stuff each.

4. Use wardrobe boxes strategically. The movers can move some of your things ahead of time, thus, pack a little ahead of time and as early as possible. Also, take advantage of the size of the boxes and fill them in a way that is easy to unpack and to keep everything organized inside: shopping bags filled with several closet items at the bottom, then hanging clothes, and finally some purses or sweaters.

5. Coordinate colors. Choose a color for each room in your new home, put a color sticker on each box, near the number, and put a matching sticker on the door of every room. In this way, the movers will know where everything goes.

6. Keep together things that belong together. Tape small parts to the items these belong to, or put them inside an envelope. Picture hooks with pictures and shelf brackets with bookcases. Designate a "parts box" and put any cables, pieces, parts or nails that appear here and there inside, so that you can easily find everything on moving day.

7. Pack ahead. Anything you can pack ahead of time will free you to take care of important stuff on moving day. Leave only the indispensable and pack everything else.

8. Organize cleaning supplies. Clean you old place ahead of time, but have a cleaning kit ready for action on moving day.

9. Use luggage to pack. Fill them with clothes, sheets, towels and papers.

10. Keep an eye on valuables. As much as possible, everything valuable must remain with you. Review the movers' insurance to see how you are covered in case you lose something.

11. Guard important papers. This means birth certificates, school records, Packers and Movers Ahmedabad estimates, job contracts, utility company numbers, bank records, bills, phone lists, closing papers, realtor information, maps and installation manuals. Always keep them with you.

12. Get a box for each person. Each family member should get a special box. It should contain items that will be needed immediately after the move.

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