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Dry Transfer Letters

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Dry transfers are very easy to apply and offer superior display quality. Once applied, they look as if the letters and numbers were professionally painted on. Museum and art gallery labels are growing in popularity as they’re easy to add. So take dry transfers from your watchlist to buy

Designers, engineers and product development teams love to add dry transfers. They are perfect when making models and prototypes to give them that polished “fresh from the factory” look. In fact, dry transfers with an image are so sharp, in the upper or lower case, that people often mistake them for paint, scale electroplating or etching, engraving and other printing technologies. They give product prototypes and models the look of a final manufactured product.

Dry transfers are a semi-permanent print scale solution that you can add very simply, quickly and effortlessly to a wide range of surfaces. They are created by printing a special type of ink on a sheet of film with a tool. They are an easier solution to add than the old magnifiers letraset, blades or a burnisher. The film has an adhesive backing that can be easily rubbed off with the use of solvents such as bestine or acetone. The letters, stars, or images on these sheets can be transferred onto any smooth and non-porous surface, which makes them very easy to add. Many people add them to their watchlist for fear that these items are too expensive, but we at DTL make them affordable.

American crew classic - product prototype label using custom rub down transfers

Rub on transfers for wood and dry transfer lettering for electronics and optical product prototypes are popular examples of dry transfer lettering that you can add. They are often used in museums, for craft projects and in general anywhere letraset tape is used. They make a perfect magnifiers letraset, blades or burnisher tool alternative for custom scale applications of any kind. They’re nearly instant to add which makes them incredibly handy.

Dry transfers and decals are also known as:

  • Rub down letter transfers
  • Rub on letter transfers
  • Press down transfers
  • Letter transfers
  • Decal transfers
  • Image transfers
Dry transfers are perfect for guitars and other musical instruments


Examples of different types of custom dry transfers used by IBM, Paul Mitchell, John Wick and more

Corporations use our dry transfer letters, also called fls “rub on transfers” and “rub down transfers”, for major product prototypes to give them a highly-polished look when you add them. They are also very popular for visual art installation such as those found in museums. Custom dry transfer decals and letters are used to highlight an artist’s work because they’re fast, easy to apply, and easy to remove for the next art installation.

Art galleries choose dry transfers and rub down transfers above letraset because they help highlight the artists and their art and design works with precise and uniform appearance compared to paper labels.