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What Are Intoxication Assault Charges?

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If you are looking for an experienced, aggressive criminal defense firm to take your case in Fort Worth, Texas, look no further than the team at Cole Paschal Law. It is imperative that you seek the experienced and knowledgeable drug attorney for guidance to understand how to tailor a defen

Intoxication Assault is by far the most serious of all DWI-related criminal charges, and it is a particularly difficult one to defend in Fort Worth, TX. A  Fort Worth DWI Lawyer with adequate expertise, on the other hand, can improve a defendant's prospects of achieving the best possible case outcome.


Intoxication Assault is classified as a third-degree crime under the Texas Penal Code. This offense is committed when a person, by accident or error, causes significant physical harm to another person while driving under the influence of alcohol.


By state law, "serious bodily injury" pertains to injuries that bring about a substantial risk of death or causes permanent disfigurement or crippling. Intoxication Manslaughter is a related DWI offense, wherein death comes as a result of drunk driving.


The person may spend up to ten years in jail, pay a maximum fine of $10,000 or receive a license suspension of 180 days to two years if they are convicted of the felony in Fort Worth, TX. A DWI lawyer can help individuals accused of Intoxication Assault avoid getting locked up in jail and receive probation instead.


A defendant's eligibility is determined by the severity of the victim's injuries whether or not the suspect has been involved in previous criminal proceedings. Conditions of probation, such as reporting to a probation officer, are identical to those imposed for a first DWI conviction.


Additional conditions include 160-600 hours of mandatory community service, serving a minimum of 30 days in state prison, and participation in an alcohol rehabilitation program.


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