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Players can experience many new things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0

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Now there is an incredible setting in the game, players can buy their things when visiting other villagers.

You can find all kinds of wonderful things in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, but some things require players to explore carefully before they can Buy Animal Crossing Bells discover them. And some of these things did not appear in Animal Crossing Direct.

So today, with the update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0, let me introduce you to what useful things have been added to the game.

Put DIYs In Storage: Now you can get rid of (but still keep) DIY recipes you don't like and put them in your warehouse, and other things you can't sell and don't want.

Buy Villagers' Furniture From Their Houses: Now there is Animal Crossing Bells an incredible setting in the game, players can buy their things when visiting other villagers. Maybe we can even buy their beds.

Show Off Your Food: Is the purpose of cooking to provide you with nutrition? of course not. In Animal Crossing, it is for you to show off and get compliments.

Dusters: Although the specific function of this item is not yet known, you can use it to polish items, including dust removal. It looks cute, but it has no effect, but you can join your villagers to do a spring sweep around the square!

Glowing Moss: There are many different sizes of glowing moss in the game now, and it's hard not to find them.

New Trees: There are many new tree species in the game, including the thicc baobab, the twisty vine, topiaries and cacti!

Donation Box: Donation Box is a new reward in Nook Mile. It can provide players with 1,000 Bells at a time. These Bells are provided by players who visit your island in order to thank you. And it can be customized. Players can use the cute Donation Box designed by themselves.

A lot of interesting things have been added in the new update, which greatly enriches the game fun for players. Let players' daily life in the game become more diverse. Of course, Animal Crossing Items are very important in the game. If you have them and want to integrate them into the game, first you need to have a variety of Animal Crossing Items. If you don't want to spend time doing a lot of quests to get them, you can go to MMOWTS to have a look. They display a variety of Animal Crossing Items for players to choose from, and there will definitely be ones you like!