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What can we do in FUT 22 from Tuesday to Thursday?

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You can start a new round of Silver Star challenge on Wednesday.

There are many different tasks and game modes in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team every week. You can use some methods to do these tasks at the same time. Then let's see how you can complete those tasks on Monday.

You need to complete the Siver Stars Anthony Gordon quest on Tuesday, because this is your last chance. If you have more silver players in the weekly challenge, it will FUT 22 Coins be easier to get the Silver Star in the future, and your team will be better.

You can start a new round of Silver Star challenge on Wednesday. You only need to complete 3 victories, 8 goals and 6 assists to achieve it. If you want to be in the best condition for the next few weeks, then you should complete this work immediately.

In addition, on this day you can see the tenth week of the best team package, which will contain players such as Kroos, Alexander-Arnold and Rodri.

On Thursday at 3am ET / 8am GMT, you will be rewarded with Division Rivals, but it will be a peaceful day afterwards.

You should complete as many goals as possible in the divisional rivals or team battles at the beginning of the season so that you will not rush to level 30 at the end of the season.

When you reach level 30, you should choose Marco van Ginkel, who is statistically better than 86 OVR suggests. He provides you FIFA Coins with 90 OVR CM or CAM in basic chemistry, and his Powerhouse is 92 OVR CM. But you can also choose another direction, his Finisher or Marksman will get 91 OVR ST.

However, you only need to complete the basic goals in the game and he will definitely become your player, so you should postpone completing the Eredivisie Squad Foundations goal before getting him.

Similarly, you want to get Karlan Grant (Championship) or Lincoln (Liga Portugal) and postpone completing the basic team goals of their respective leagues before you get them.

As the game progresses, by completing some basic goals, players will get some free players, but if you want to have absolute strength in various games, it is also very important to have a variety of star players in the team. Therefore, you need to spend FIFA 22 Coins to withdraw the card pack that contains them. But accumulating FIFA 22 Coins in the game is very long. If you want to get it faster, you can go to UTnice to buy. Their selling price is not only affordable, but also safe and reliable.