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Easy Steps To Obtain Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

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Learning How To Get Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma can help you to use marijuana for relieving some of your conditions legally.

However, there is a specific procedure that you need to follow to obtain medical marijuana in Oklahoma. In our article, we will discuss the steps you will follow to start using medical marijuana.


The steps include:

1. Making an appointment with an approved medical marijuana doctor in Oklahoma

It is the initial step on How To Get Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma. The physician in Oklahoma should not involve themselves in the medical marijuana program. The good thing is that you will find a cannabis-friendly doctors list, where you can choose your perfect doctor.

The doctor does not need to register with Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) before signing a physician recommendation form. A registered doctor will ask you about the conditions that make you qualify for medical marijuana.


2. Submitting your online application to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana 

The second step on How To Get Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma is going for a consultation with your certified doctor. You will go through a few questions together with the doctor, where he will check your records and see whether you qualify for medical marijuana.


3. Registering and submitting your patient certificate form online to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

If you want to start your online application process, you must navigate to the medical marijuana official page and upload any required documents. You will then get a notification email to know whether the application has been accepted or not. After obtaining the card, it will be valid for two years. 

If your application were unsuccessful, you would get a denial letter within 14 days after submitting your application. 


4. Obtain the card and start shopping

It is the final step on How To Get Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma. The OMMA will make a review of your application. If the application is successful, you will obtain a card that will allow you to use marijuana to relieve some of your skin conditions. If it was unsuccessful, then you'll get a letter for fourteen days to help you know why your application was rejected.


Summing up

There are always simple steps involved on How To Get Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma. You need to strictly follow the steps and get your card that will enable you to use medical marijuana freely. During the initial step, the patient needs to have an appointment with a qualified physician to examine the medical marijuana conditions.