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Amazing Tips To Make Your Arms Strong For Baseball

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Baseball: The Field And Dimensions

Here are some amazing tips to make your arms strong for baseball.


First, you require to recognize the mechanics of pitching a baseball. There are four essential body components in the mechanics of pitching: legs, shoulder, triceps, and wrist. To enhance one’s throwing technique, you require to strengthen all four of these parts.


The legs are the most important. Much of the power in throwing comes from the legs. The first and easiest step to improving your legs is to do a lot of running. Ever watch a spring training game and see players sprinting in the outfield. They are strengthening their legs.


Then you should do light strength training with resistance machines or free weights. The goal is not to build mass, but strength. You need to balance your strength in your quads, hamstring, and groin muscles. If you do too much in one area, then you will likely tear or pull a muscle. Below 16, this should only be done under the supervision of a trained professional.


The ability to rotate the shoulder is a key component of the throwing motion. The should is one of the most complex parts of the body and affects multiple muscle groups. To improve shoulder strength, you need to work out multiple areas. Get Anthony Rizzo shirts here.


The non-weight lifting portions are relatively simple. First, do push-ups. They place stress on the shoulder and work out your chest and triceps as well. Then do pull-ups. These directly affect the shoulder muscles. These can be safely done by all ages.


There are several shoulder workouts with weights that can be done securely. Two that are specific are to use a dumbbell in each hand and lift from a rest position 45 degrees away from the body to shoulder height. Another is to take the dumbbells and lift them at a 90-degree angle from the body from a rest position to shoulder height.


The triceps is more important than the biceps in throwing because you are snapping your arm from a bent position to a stretched position. The best way to strengthen your triceps for throwing is to long toss. You want to have a catch from the farthest distance that you can reach. It will improve your mechanics and general arm strength. This exercise is used extensively in major league baseball.


An exercise using a dumbbell is to hold the dumbbell in your throwing hand and hold it straight up, then bring it back down behind your head.


Since one pitches forward by snapping the wrist, you will need to strengthen this part as well. Long toss serves this greatly. An easy exercise needs a lightweight, heavy-duty string or rope and a wood stick. Drill a hole through the stick.


Then through the hole, put the rope through the hole and tie a knot. Make sure you have about two feet of rope extended out of the stick. Then tie the lightweight to the end of the rope. Now, turn the stick with your hands while holding the stick at shoulder height until the rope coils around the stick and raises the weight. Then reverse direction to lower the weight. This builds your forearm/wrist strength.


All of this will make your arm much stronger for baseball, but it takes time to do it right. There are no shortcuts.