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Sarai Thompson

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Sarai Thompson has worn the yellow, green, black Jamaican flag since she was a child. Her parents

 Flag Fashion: A Form of Protest

 Sarai Thompson has worn the yellow, green, amp; black Jamaican flag since she was a child. Her parents -- both Jamaican immigrants who moved to New York City before she was born -- instilled in her a feeling of pride that shone through her clothes choices. finalhealth final health Website final health healthable health able Website health able us wayhealth way health Website way health us advisorhealth advisor health Website advisor health us successhealth success health Website success health co uk

 The now-27-year old says fashion has become a means for me to express myself. Thompson is still drawn to Jersey crochet tops and T-shirts that feature Jamaican flags. They are paired with high-waisted jeans and platform sneakers and a pair of platform sandals.

 Flag fashion is often seen as an accessory to athletic events and holiday celebrations that celebrate the country. Think: American-flag bikinis worn to celebrate July 4th as well as Brazilian flag T-shirts during the FIFA World Cup. Sabrina Strings (Associate Professor of Sociology) at the University of California Irvine says: "It is easy to think that flags are only a symbol of our country of origin as well as our nationality. But, certain BIPOC and immigrants' communities are able to create an impactful political statement by wearing their flag on the chest, sleeves, or even the back.