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24 Viral TikTok Songs That Often Backsound Video

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24 Viral TikTok Songs That Often Backsound Video

For those of you who are looking for a viral TikTok song reference, here we provide a list.
The presence of the TikTok application is a blessing in itself for musicians.
Many tiktok songs went viral that influenced the popularity of the owner of the song.
Not only new songs, TikTok also managed to re-popularize old songs that have rarely been listened to.
For TikTokers, songs become an important part of making video content even more interesting.
Popular TikTok songs can help your videos go viral and appear on the For You or FYP pages.
Nah, untuk Anda yang sedang mencari lagu TikTok viral terbaru, berikut ini kami berikan daftar lagu yang populer di TikTok. Lagu TikTok Viral 2021

  1. Yamet Kudasi – Dewi Isma Hoeriah Lagu with the title Yamet Kudasi is known to have first been performed by the owner of a TikTok account @dewiismahoeriah. The combination of lyrics with tiktok remix music makes this song the center of attention of TikTok users. Yamet Kudasi is a slang that emerges from the Japanese phrase "Yaemete kudasi". The word Yameter means stop. It usually appears in Japanese anime that are used to ask someone to stop doing something.
  2. Dinda – Masdo Another popular TikTok song is Dinda performed by a Malaysian band. This song has lyrics that are easy to remember and the strains of music make it even more popular. In addition to being used as a backsound, people also cover this song a lot and upload it to YouTube.
  3. At My Worst – Pink Sweat$ Pink Sweat' song titled At My Worst is also a viral TikTok song 2021. This song tells the story of someone who wants to be loved in all situations, including when they are at their worst. This English song is quite interesting to tiktok users. Lyrics that have deep meaning combined with a soft tone, make many people like this song.
  4. Edamame – bbno $ Rich Brian List of other popular songs on TikTok is Edamame performed by bbno$ Rich Brian. This song has a unique title that adopts the name of a food. Not only is the title unique, the lyrics and rhythm of this song are also very iconic. TikTokers usually add this song in comedy-themed videos.
  5. Stay – The Kid LAROI ft Justin Bieber Songs from a collaboration between Justin Bierber and The Kid LAROI do not want to lose. The song is also widely used as a backsound TikTok video. The song with the title Stay can be used for content for sightseeing or photos with friends. Although not connected with the lyrics, but the rhythm of the song feels suitable to accompany the video.
  6. Permission to Dance – BTS This South Korean boy group song became the next viral TikTok song. The song was released to coincide with the birthday of Army or BTS fans. The goal is that everyone can live happily in the current period of emigrants. This song has a very energetic rhythm. Many TikTok users make this song titled Permisson to Dance as a backsound dance.
  7. What Is Love – Twice Another Korean artist whose song also went viral among TikTok users is Twice. This song has actually been released since 2018, but returned to popularity after many people danced using this song. Many people showed the choreography of this song including men who performed the choreography of What Is Love. In addition, cheerful music gives a happy impression on content that uses the song What Is Love as a backsound.
  8. Life Goes On – BTS The next new TikTok song is still from BTS's gorup boy. The song titled Life Goes On is also widely used for TikTok's backsound. In fact, many people create TikTok Challenge by using this song.
  9. Ice Cream – Blackpink ft Selena Gomez In addition to BTS and TWICE, another Korean artist whose song also went viral on TikTok is Blackpink. The song titled Ice Cream performed with Selena Gomez is widely used in various TikTok videos. Even many TikTokers who practice Korea from again this. Cheerful music and lyrics that are easy to memorize make this song much liked.
  10. Money – Lisa Money is one of the most popular TikTok songs. Lisa Blackpink's song has a very energetic rhythm. No wonder there is now a dance challenge using this song. Through blackpink's YouTube channel, Lisa the owner of the song also did an exlusive video performance using this song. So, you can directly learn money dance songs by watching the video.
  11. Only – LeeHi Another TikTok song that also comes from Korean singer Only. The song was performed by solo singer LeeHi. Unlike Lisa's song that has an energy rhythm, this Only song actually has a soft and calm music. Usually Only is used as a backsound for wedding videos or fiancée. But there are also those who upload cover videos using this song.
  12. It's Only Me – Kaleb J We must have heard video snippets using this song. At first glance we think that this song comes from an overseas singer. But who would have thought it turned out that the song titled It's Only Me was performed by an Indonesian singer. The song was released in early 2021 and is now a much-loved viral TikTok song. Songs with this love theme are usually added in romantic videos uploaded by TikTok users. READ ALSO Get to know the History and Songs of Umbrella Dance Accompaniments.13. Mendung Tanpo Udan – Ndarboy Genk Jika sebelumnya lagi TikTok viral 2021 dibawakan menggunakan bahasa asing atau Bahasa Indonesia, namun lagu Mendung Tanpo Udan ini dibawakan dengan Bahasa Jawa. Lagu ini bercerita tentang pasangan kekasih yang terpaksa mengakhiri hubungannya. Meskipun memiliki lirik sedih, namun ternyata lagu ini viral karena banyak orang yang menari dengan menggunakan lagu ini. Irama lagu ini memang mendukung untuk dijadikan sebagai backsound dance.
  13. To the Bone – Final song from the Ultimatenast also fills the list of viral TikTok songs. This song has lyrics and rhythms that are easy to hear so many people like it. The playback of this song in every TikTok video is usually preceded by the phrase "When Pamungkas said...". In addition to being popular as a backsound, this song is also widely covered by other social media users either on YouTube or Instagram.
  14. Happier – Olivia Rodrigo The happier song performed by female singer Olivia Rodrigo is also another popular new TikTok song. The song was released this year and is widely used as a backsound TikTok video. This song tells the story of someone who just broke up, but it turns out that his former lover already has a new partner. He feels not sincere if his ex is happier with his new lover than him. This song is suitable to be a backsound of grief-themed videos.
  15. It's You – Sezairi Another romantic song that is also popular on TikTok is It's You performed by singer Sezairi. This song has actually been released since 2018, but returned to popularity after many TikTokers who made this song as a backsound video. It's You tells the story of someone who wishes he could always be with his loved ones. Therefore, many people make this song to accompany the romantic video they make.

  1. Oh No – Capone Many TikTok users use this song as a backsound. This song is usually used for comedy videos or videos that turn out to have a plot twist. Oh No songs are usually combined with editing and funny expressions, thus making the video more hilarious.
  2. Here's Your Perfect – Jamie Miller Another viral TikTok song called Here's Your Perfect. This song with emotional lyrics is widely used by TikTok users to tell about his love story that ran aground. Coupled with its soft rhythm makes many people touched when playing a sad video with the backsound of the song Here's Your Perfect.
  3. Know Me Too – New Hoper Club ft Danna Paola Another song that is also widely used in various TikTok videos is a song with the title Know Me Too. This song actually contains the story of someone who has not been able to forget his former lover. But by TikTokers, this song is actually packaged in a more cheerful video with additional filters that make the video look more interesting.
  4. Touch It – Busta Rhymes Touch It is also a TikTok song that adorns a lot of this social media content. This song is usually used for videos that feature someone changing cool outfits. The music that appears makes the video even more interesting.
  5. Beggin – Maneskin Song titled Beggin is also widely used in the TikTok application. This song has been released since 2010. Usually Beggin songs are added in TikTok content such as sightseeing videos, facial transformations, to dance challenges.
  6. After School – Weekly This song with a cheerful rhythm is also widely used by content creators to create TikTok videos. The rhythm of the beat that he has makes again belongs to this Korean girl group is widely used to accompany the dance challenge.
  7. Patata – Konfuz Patata becomes the next viral TikTok song. The song was performed in Russian and the music that was good to hear made it quickly known to the public. Just like after school. Patata songs are also commonly used for backsound dance.
  8. Yours – Raiden X Chanyeol (feat LeeHi, Changmo) Another Korean song that also fills many TikTok videos this year is a song with the title Yours. This song is about someone who misses his ex-lover. This easy listening song is usually used as a backsound tiktok content themed K-Pop. However, many non-K-Popers use this song as their TikTok content filler.