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How to setup and dominate in local SEO

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How to setup and dominate in local SEO


with multiple locations (or a franchise).

Do you own a franchise or business that have multiple locations? Are you looking to improve your SEO? Here are some helpful tips to improve the effectiveness of your Local Search Engine Optimization. A quality Local SEO Services package should include the tactics discussed below.


The majority of Google searches are based around local businesses. This indicates how important it is to consider including your local business when setting up SEO on your website. Optimizing the search results for your location will result in more traffic.


The key is to also make your website stand out among your competitors in the local market, while also distinguishing between your various locations in the event that you have several.


The websites will rank their homepage by using multiple locations keywords that link to the same page. This can add a lot of getguestpost keywords to your homepage and may confuse the user, and mess up the rankings for your site on Google. Each page should focus on the benefits you provide.


Multiple locations require several pages. Someone searching for a service you provide in Columbus probably does not need to see the service that you provide in another state.


The simpler it is for the customer to find exactly what they are Get Guest Post looking for promptly, the better results you will see. This will help increase your SEO's focus by creating multiple pages to be used in different areas.


The structure of URLs will make it easier for visitors to navigate your site. You should stick to the same URL, which is logical. But, you could divide the locations. It is possible to create an aggregate spreadsheet to manage the locations.


You should also look at making each page unique Website to each place. It should contain photographs, descriptions, and even questions along with reviews from within the local area, as well as directions. You can also set up a Google My Business account for each location, however, it's best to create a single account. This can be used to make all information uniform to your company's brand, and making minor adjustments for each site.


Listing your business in local directories provides you with your name, address and phone number (NAP). If Google sees your NAP in several websites, it positively affects your SEO.


Reviews of each business are an excellent way to help people find your company. When making a decision online, more than half of those searching trust reviews. They are also looking for at minimum 4 reviews with at least 4 stars.