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Keep Disinfecting Within Your Cleaning Budget

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Many large employers spent extraordinary amounts on coronavirus mitigation protocols, from extra disinfecting services to COVID testing and installing dividers and partitions. As the pandemic's end nears, many companies need to return to normal budget levels. In Manhattan, for example, NYC office cleaning companies are helping clients preserve some desirable disinfecting services with offsets to help defray the added costs. Productivity gains (working smarter) is one way they're doing it. The team cleaning approach is now more widely used, replacing zone cleaning in larger office spaces.


If you haven't heard about it yet, term cleaning is when a function such as floor care is handled by one person or a group of people. It's a departure from the zone cleaning method where janitors deal with all cleaning tasks in one area of an office. The team method boosts efficiency because there's no stopping and starting when changing from one task to another. It brings significant productivity gains for medium and large-size offices. For companies trying to add disinfecting services and keep within their pre-pandemic budgets, it can help. Team cleaning also commonly results in better performance.


If you have a high-end office with expensive furnishings or historic architectural details, they must be cleaned and maintained correctly. Many stone and marble floors have been damaged by regular soap and water mopping when they need specialized products. The same is valid for wood furniture and paneling. They're easily damaged by improper techniques of getting them wet. It's why trained, professional janitors from a highly-rated office cleaning service can make such a difference. They have the necessary know-how and products to do the job right. You'll see a noticeable difference.


Image-driven companies have special office cleaning needs. Either because their office is unique or because their customers expect a pristine interior, they must clean up to the highest standards. When trying to stay within a set budget while adding service, it can be a balancing act. But when you try a competitive bidding process among contractors, you may be surprised by the results. The better companies work more efficiently and can pass those savings on to you in the form of lower rates. People today want peace of mind knowing that shared surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at least daily.