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Land for sale Kenepuru Sounds

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The Rewa Rewa Property release was made possible by the recent rezoning of previously ‘Rural Zoned’ land. The newly zoned ‘Coastal Living’ land has allowed for a limited large block subdivision.

If you are considering buying land for sale , consider these three things. You can get to know more about the seller, the location of the land and any potential problems with the lot.

It is important to ask questions when purchasing rural land so that you are aware of what you are getting into.

What's On The Land?

Look at how many buildings or structures are already on the land . You will also want to note if there is a septic tank , whether water is available and some information as it pertains to electric service . If you plan on building, some older homes may have smaller bedrooms which would not meet your requirements for space. Some older homes may need insulation or other updates done as well so this should be factored in.

Knowing what's on the land will help you determine if it is the best buy. If there are several out buildings or older homes, this might mean that others have turned down the purchase of this land for various reasons. Some of these factors could be lack of space, water supply and foundation limitations which you will want to know upfront before purchasing your own home on the lot or building one yourself . Take note of any problems with the location so that they do not become yours after you purchase.

This information can also be helpful when looking at potential locations for running a business as well. Sewer is sometimes overlooked but it may not be available in some rural areas. You don't want to build then find out that you can't use the building for what you planned.

Where Is It?

Land is valuable and it should be treated as such which means keeping it in good condition . If the land has not been maintained, there may be older homes or buildings on the property that need repairs . Deterioration of structures can cause further problems so keep this in mind when purchasing land for sale .

If you are considering buying land , find out about its location to learn if it is suitable for your needs. You will want access to transportation, major roads Land for sale Kenepuru Sounds and utilities. Some small acreages might have a creek running through which would make it less desirable given the risk of flooding during heavy rains. A lot with a house but no road is basically stranded unless you have a boat or a hovercraft.

Find Out More From The Seller

If you are planning on buying rural land, consider these three things so that you can be prepared. You want to know a little bit about the history of a piece of property and this Coastal living Kenepuru information might be available from the seller if their is a family connection . If not, see if they have any photos or other documentation .