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Cardboard Targets for Shooting, Silhouette Paper Targets

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Cardboard Targets for Shooting, Silhouette Paper Targets

Cardboard Targets for Shooting, Silhouette Paper Targets tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell portable target stand,cheap Gun Cleaning Brush.the price of hunting gear is hunting gear Canada.

Size: 18" X 30", 25 sheets per pack.(TARGET STAND BASE NOT INCLUDED).

Made using the highest quality materials and components. High-contrast black silhouette with scoring table for recording hits and values.

Environmental Protection Design - The two large 18" X 30" sides of the packing box are designed as Silhouette Targets, which you can get by cutting the box.

Great for shooting indoors or outdoors, short range or long range, excellent for shooting practice, competitions, self defense and concealed carry training.

These cardboard targets are good...come in very handy for a good price and good quality. I have bought plenty of Highwild items and they have all held up nice to date.

Just what was advertised. Wanted a backing for some spatter targets or something that I could use alone. Nice size which makes good for long range. Package showed up great with no damage or bent ends.

This target is perfect for my stand and a great size as well.

A little pricey.

Nice target for my shotgun.

Great targets; right size to fit my stands.

Great for shooting lots of rounds.

These targets are perfect for all kinds of shooting, rifle, pistol, airgun and archery. They can be laid against an old fence post or attached to modern shooting target systems. The manufacturer even made the delivery box with targets on each side, thus, giving the most value for the money.