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Gojek Clone Readymade On Demand Multi Service App

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Be the Champion of the On-Demand Multi-Service Industry with the Ready-Made Gojek Clone App! This Purposeful App lets you ladle out more than Seventy Useful Services along with their Pioneering Features.

The Powerful Gojek Clone App prepares you to take the veins of Destiny in your hands by making you the Irrefutable King of the On-Demand Service Industry.  Firstly This Reliable App is the Gateway to a variety of Life-Enhancing Services for the App Users such as Easy-to-Take Taxi Rides, Door-Step Delivery of Food and Groceries, and On-Demand Electricians. Delve into the Depth to know more of such Value-Added Services –


Peggy Thomas, who’s living in Connecticut, is having her Marriage also the Next Month. But, given the Covid Restrictions she would be inviting only a couple of Guests. To most of the Guests she has circulated the Marriage E-Invite, but for few close Relatives she has readied Hard-Cover Invites. See, how Peggy uses the Gojek Clone App to send these Invites to her Loved Ones –

She starts by opening the Parcel Delivery Tab in the App, and goes on to selecting ‘Moto Send – Multiple Deliveries’ Option. Thereby, she adds the Pickup Location. Moving to the Next Screen, she selects the Suzuki Burgman 200 Scooter and then proceeds towards making Payment using the In-Wallet Option.

Now she fills up the Parcel Details as follows –

  • Recipient Name: George Taylor
  • Mobile Number: 203-562-9654
  • Package Type: Courier
  • Delivery Instruction: - If there’s no one to receive the Parcel, drop it in the MailBox.
  • Destination Address: White Street, Hartford, Connecticut

After submitting these details, she selects the ‘Add Delivery’ Option and in the same way fills up the Destination Details for other Five Parcel Deliveries. Next, she proceeds to make the Payment via People's United Bank Credit Card, and delightfully starts receiving the Congratulatory Calls from her Close Relatives as the Invites are dropped.


Gavin White of Idaho runs a Small Enterprise Micron Technology. He solely manages the Office Operations as well as the Business. Today, as he was doing some Billing Work, he realized that he would soon face a shortage of Printing Papers and also Blue Ink for Printer.

Gavin immediately opens the On-Demand Multi Services App and enters the Stationery Delivery Tab. Therein, he selects The Deccan Pen Store that is nearby his Office and has a Good Amount of Ratings. He goes on adding Boise Office Paper, and Armor Blue Printing Ink to his Cart, and finally chooses to make the Payment via his In-App Wallet. Within seconds of placing the Order, Gavin receives an In-App Push Notification that “The Deccan Pen Store has accepted the Order Request


Bentley Thompson of Burlington, Vermont has left his Home to attend a Birthday Party of his Friend’ Son at a Farmhouse at the Outskirts. While on the way, he suddenly realizes that he just missed a stop at the Gift Shop. He opens the All in One Services App and hires a Delivery Genie to do the needful.

starts by selecting “The Great Moose Vermont Shop” and then adding “Lego Tower Box that is Gift Wrapped” in the List. finishes by entering the Delivery Address, and he is displayed the Fixed Delivery Charges for the Service Availed.

After a couple of minutes of completing the Booking, he receives an In-App Graphical Notification that reads, “Delivery Genie has accepted your Service Request.”

As the Mr. John - Delivery Genie reaches the Gift Shop; he finds the Required Items and clicks their Pictures to upload in the App for the User to Review. On the other side, Bentley receives a Notification asking him to review the Uploaded Pictures and provide Approval. Bentley checks the Images and provides his Approval. Now, he has Two Options for making the Payment –

  • Via Card/In-App Wallet: Bentley makes an Online Payment via his Card at the time of the Product’ Purchase.
  • Via Cash: In this Option, it is Mr. John who has to shell out money from his Pocket to buy the Products! Bentley makes a Cash Payment to the Genie at the time of Doorstep Delivery. The Cash Amount includes the Products’ Cost as well as Genie's Service Charges.

Bentley chooses to make the payment via his In-App Wallet and pays there and then.


You get all such Services and Features comprehensively packed in a Single App – The Gojek Clone! Moreover, this Ultra-Productive App empowers you to earn Billion Bucks by simply offering a Single Platform to the App Users. Do you have that Entrepreneurial Gene in you? Do you want to Feature on the Cover Page of Forbes Magazine for being the most Successful Entrepreneur of 2022? Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute that has been Launching Such Pre-Built Mature Apps on a Daily Regular Basis for Decades!!!