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It will not let you make a wrong turn, and you can see the traffic situation on your route.

Mesobot is a robot that weighs 250 kilograms. It can be used without a source of power or tethered to a lightweight fibreoptic cable to allow it to move freely beneath the surface.

The twilight zone of the ocean is more commonly referred to as the mesopelagic zone - is located between 200m and 1 kilometre in depth. It is home to the regular phenomenon of diel vertical migration (DVM), which is when animals that live in deep waters move closer to surface to take advantage of greater food supply and to beware of predators.

Biologists consider the DVM as a crucial way in the way that nutrients (and carbon dioxide captured by photosynthesis) are quickly transported to depth and stored over the long term. But studying the creatures that are involved within the DVM is tricky, because they often flee from anything that disturbs the water or light.



Advantages of Technology on Personal, Work amp; Social Life

Access to Information is Easier



The World Wide Web, also known as www, has transformed the world into a global social village. The internet makes information available all over the world.

While most of the news you get to read on social media sites is purely factual, one may also see images results for particular stories. Not only more news is accessible, but the information is also straightforward to find.

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You save time


Are you aware of navigation issues in unfamiliar towns? This is a frequent issue when we move to unfamiliar locations. It could be an official business trip or holiday, modern technology lets you to make the most of your trips by helping you navigate to anywhere.

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Find a location to find it and pinpoint the exact place. The application completes the task.

It will not let you make a wrong turn, and you can see the traffic situation on your route.


Mobility with ease


Do you think of living without a vehicle or bicycle? Technology has put these things under our feet.

It is easy to see the importance of a vehicle when you consider the distance between Australia and the United States of America at nearly 15,187 kms. However, it can be traveled in just 16-17 hours.