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GEA provided best automotive services ….

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As a member of the Garage Equipment Association, not only will you be fully informed about changes and how they may affect your company, you will be part of an Association which has the weight to represent your views both here in the UK and Europe.GEA’s role is to ensure that its members

Emission testing measurement, analysis, and has the purpose of addressing ozone air pollution in areas where air quality has become poor. The detection service provided to industry and manufacturing and test capabilities includes material volatile organic compound analysis, On-line emission measurement, engine- exhaust emission testing, stack emissions, greenhouse emission, and vent emissions monitoring and analysis, evaporative emission testing and more.

Emissions testing on a car is required every other year and car owners are notified of their own testing month, and they will have their car tested by a month. Emissions testing to prevent air pollution is a very friendly companion, it leads to poor quality, which can lead to us having trouble with our breathing and respiratory systems. It helps in decreasing the air pollutants emitted into the cars, air, and auto are being subjected to emissions repair and testing to identify which vehicle gives off excessive amounts of pollutants.

Lift inspections is a thorough evaluation of the operating mechanism, safety system, maintenance, structural integrity and field modifications of a particular lift in order to identify any risks which may affect the ability of that lift to operate in a safe and reliable manner.

Gas analyzers are designed to measure the concentration of specific gaseous compounds and are commonly used within the renewable resources sector. Just like detectors, analyzers can also be either of fixed or portable form factors. The fixed system is permanently installed in the plant, regularly proving gas readings. Gas analyzer is used to monitor processes, enhance safety, and increase efficiency, monitor emission and improve quality.

GEA  is one of the best industry longest-standing independent associations established in 1945, the garage equipment association continually strives to find new ways to support members' companies and ensure their views are heard.

We provides Job such as,

  • Calibration Technician
  • Vehicle Lift Technician
  • Installation Engineer
  • Service Engineer
  • Field service installation engineer surrounding areas

 Garbage Equipment is a part of an association which has the weight to represent your views both here in the UK and Europe. Join now and become a member of GEA you will always be given notice of future schedules and indeed, we welcome your input on potential areas of coverage. GEA has proved extremely popular and reinforces the benefits of dealing with a GEA member.

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