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WoW Classic 'The Fresh Crusade'

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WoW Classic 'The Fresh Crusade'WoW Classic 'The Fresh Crusade'

The count was announced via The Fresh Crusade Discord by the server organizer, Caszhar, stating that there are "7000 people" in the server awaiting the fresh start launch on March 5th. Despite the large numbers, Caszhar states that there have only been "one of two bans with minimal toxicity."To get more news about cheap wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The Fresh Crusade is a player-run initiative to create a "fresh start" server in World of Warcraft Classic for those players that want to play Classic without the need to deal with the wild inflation and bots on the normal Classic servers. In doing so, The Fresh Crusade hopes to create an environment where players can group and level as a server, progressing naturally to eventually make the jump to The Burning Crusade Classic when the players are ready for it.

With botting and economy inflation a large problem on the populated Classic servers, Caszhar told Eurogamer last month that by selecting a low population server for The Fresh Crusade will, hopefully, allow for more of an "even playing ground" for the economy compared to other servers.

The server itself hasn't been chosen yet, according to Caszhar on the Discord channel. This is simply due to fears that if it were announced too early players could start migration and negatively effect the economy in a way that isn't keeping with the goals of The Fresh Crusade.

Right now The Fresh Crusade is targeting an EU World of Warcraft Classic server, though there does seem to be sizeable North American playerbase migrating with the server. If you're interested in bolstering the Fresh Crusade numbers and getting a "fresh" start in WoW Classic, check out the official Discord for the group.