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Latest Candle Holders Online In India | ZingerArt

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This creative tool is a flexible, customizable candle holder that can be easily adapted to any mood, atmosphere or aura desired for a specific setting.

Candle holders are the best way to add decorative shine while serving a fruitful purpose. With sparkling colors and ornate designs, they are a wonderful accent and the perfect decor piece for your dining room table or living room. If you love the candles in your home as much as we do, you will definitely fall in love with these candle holders.  Zinger Art is an innovative solution to the problem of storing home decor items. This creative tool is a flexible, customizable candle holder that can be easily adapted to any mood, atmosphere or aura desired for a specific setting.

Latest Variety of Candle Holders 


A candle holder centerpiece helps to beautify your table all year round. It's easy to transform your everyday candle holders from casual to seasonal to formal for holidays and occasions. Easily uniques glass centerpieces and pillar candles with the addition of seasonal items such as acorns, seashells or colored glass holders.


Great for adding a decorative touch to any room and dining area decor. Perfect for everyday use, wedding, events, aromatherapy,meditation spa .


This lovely decorative candelabra piece is guaranteed to be a perfect addition to a formal event or holiday party. It is a perfect centerpiece for home table, church, chapel, temple or any other place where you want to add elegant decoration.


Our candle holders are made with utmost attention to the smallest detail by experienced craftsmen. We use quality metal to create a sleek and sleek look while still being strong enough to handle daily use for many years to come.

Whether you are preparing a candlelight dinner or decorating for a party, our Candle Holder Set will provide the perfect fit for any occasion or event. Black candlestick holders are ideal for birthday parties, weddings, family dinners, celebrations and more.


Sconce Candle Holders is an eye-catching look to any space. Each sconce has an openwork rectangular silhouette and cylindrical acrylic shade and more shape , which can allow you to place a pillar candle or a flameless LED light to increase the brightness.