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There has to be a better means of RuneScape

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I submitted this in official forums also, so if you enjoy the idea, I'd appreciate either a bulge or OSRS gold comment there also. Quick find code is above: EDIT: I think Sal's forums are busier than official today, I have not gotten 1 reply yet there in over 4 hours... I simply got tired of this spamming in the bank, and that I figured I would go to rogues' den to fletch, and even Emerald Benedict was spamming the den up about a drop...

There has to be a better means of letting folks know there is a drop in the party space, moreover bankers spamming up the bank with"10k fall in 2 min!!" To me, a 2m drop is hardly worth the effort of trying to get into a party room in fally full of a thousand ppl, idiots opening and shutting doors so that you can't get in, and getting booted off the server twice as the fall happens, even though I myself have contributed to the fall.

I believe I can honestly say that the greater majority of High-leveled players could care LESS about drop parties being declared, especially for such tiny sums. I know why the change was implemented, and so that ppl couldnt try to possess private drop parties or RWT, but it truly is too much. The party room is merely a place for ppl to beg today and fally might also be named noobville when among these announcements occurs.I've been to at least 10 drops since the changes, and have not even managed to pop 1 balloon before the party ends or getting kicked off the server.

Solutions: In the very least, prevent the bankers from approving the lender and perhaps have a flashing light from the bank just to alert ppl that a drop will be happening, and they're able to talk to the banker should they want to know more. But a continuous spamming and countdown is unnecessary, and takes away from the game in my opinion. Doors should either be removed, or kept available throughout a drop.

If statements have to be kept, at least restrict them to quite substantial drops such as 5m+ at the least. Drops under 1m or 500k shouldn't even be announced. You are deluding yourselves if you think a RWT will sit there dropping for hours a small amt of money into cheap RuneScape gold the drop box, which somebody will stand there for hours waiting for that fall.