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Two allotment patches could be constructed in this area

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Two allotment patches could be constructed in this area

Level 80 of the Farming Room. Two allotment patches could be OSRS Gold constructed in this area or one of the hops patches or the bush patch, or an herb patch or a patch for trees or a fruit tree patch or a specific patch. This room will cost you 160,000 gp. This is a requirement for a barn to grow in. Plants here have odds of being disease-free cut by 50%. Furthermore, there is the possibility of having your "servant" be watching the plants. It would count as one of the task before you have to pay the plants.

Farming room level 99. Two allotment patches could be built in this room OR three hops patch or four bush patches OR two herb patches, or two tree patch OR a fruit tree patch OR a Spirit Tree. The room is priced at 100,000gp. This requires a farming shed. Plants in here have their chance of getting sick cut by 50%. In addition, you could have your "servant" keep an eye on the plants, and this would be considered a duties before you are required to pay them.

Other skills are ineffective. Storage Rooms (AKA Farming Shed and Mining Quarry): Mining quarries are required before you can build your mining room. For building a quarry, you require at least 10 Mahogany Planks and 6 steel Bars. The other part depending on the level requires nails. By building the quarry you will build everything inside it.

Since I've received a request to weigh in, I'll give some suggestions. Obtain the following-Arma/pernix, chaotic cbows. Subj robes/virtus, chaotic staff or virtus book/wand. Drygores and Bandos/Torva or dual chaotic rapiers. Vip tickets to slayer (I used about 150 getting up to the 104m mark from 23m). T80 has a greater impact than t70. Also, t90 melee is a good investment

Block/Prefer listBlock-Desert wyrms-Grotworms-Nechs-Jadinkos-gargoyles-kalphites-Additional task if you have enough quest points. Prefer-ganos-muspah-airuts-aviansies-cele dragons-elves. It's not worth the effort to extend assignments, you should skip any work that Cheap RS Gold is slow or have very large numbers (ie more than 115 Iron Dragons)