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Renowned Psychiatrist and Alcohol De-addiction Doctor in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali.

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Dr. Sachin Kaushik is a renowned psychiatrist and one of the top psychiatric doctors in Chandigarh. He runs his clinic, ‘Mind Peace Clinic’, and specializes in treating psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar mood disorder, and many more.

Have you ever wondered why certain people are extraordinary achievers and a fair share of us are just average? The answer is carefully hidden in their minds. Unknown to the masses, our brain contains an infinite power that can be used towards achieving extraordinary results. On the contrary and sadly, most humans use barely 5% of their mental potential! Most people don’t know how to arrange their minds; they only rely on trial and error or pure chance. This is a waste of time for your clock is ticking away. Time is of the essence here. Do you really want to live with your mind cluttered with random thoughts? You will be constantly experiencing inner restlessness, anxiety, stress, and constant dissatisfaction; that’s not living, that’s merely surviving. The Mind Power Phenomenon Mind power is the irresistible force within you. It derives its energy from the quantum field. Just as life force (prana) can be channelized to increase your vitality, mind power enables you to work out the most powerful version of yourself. Unleash your mind power with Dr. Sachin Kaushik and build a powerful inner connection to the quantum field which is the source of all creation. Dr. Sachin Kaushik is a psychiatrist and alcohol de-addiction doctor in Panchkula. So with Dr. Sachin Uncover how this amazing cosmic energy can heal, create and transform your life in ways you could never imagine.