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How to enable Dark mode for Google Chrome?

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Here in this blog, I have mentioned all information about how to turn on dark mode in google. So, this blog is till the end.

The dark mode is a very good feature that has made work at night possible as you can very easily work on your mobile in the dark or at night when you enable the dark mode. And this is why in this guide, you will get to know how to turn on the dark mode in Google

Steps to Enable Dark mode on Windows 10 and Mac

The steps that we are giving here will tell you how to get your Google chrome in dark theme on your Windows 7 and Mac. This procedure will get chrome flags dark mode very easily.

For this, you just need to switch the theme of the operating system of your computer to a dark mode. You will find this option in the personalized section of the Settings of the operating system. 

Apply Dark theme

There is another way to get a dark theme for chrome from the Chrome web store. For this, you need to install the dark theme that is available on the Google Chrome web store where you can download them for different operating systems like Linux, Windows 7, Chrome OS, and many others. 

The most popular dark theme from the Google webs tore is the ‘Morpheon Dark’ that gives a very good contrast for the active tabs and inactive tabs. So, you can also use this option.

If you still want to see some other methods to change your Google chrome to a dark mode then, you can visit the website Ityug247 which is a very good website for all the technical information.