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You could ask the person who gives you an ability cape and ask "Cool cape

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You could ask the person who gives you an ability cape and ask "Cool cape

So I thought of this. You could ask the person who gives you an ability cape and ask "Cool cape, do you detect the emote" And they'd give you the emoticon. (it will go into RuneScape Gold an obscured area so that other players can't be able to) this is one-time thing, meaning it's not possible to go back and ask for it again and again. So if I wanted to see the theiving emote I would go to Martain Thwait to ask him whether I could hear the emote. the cutsceen would open and he'd reveal it.

Chat with a private person: Have you ever had someone message you, but you were on different screen than your friends list? I propose that you should be able right-clicking on the message someone has sent you, and then message them back. For example, if a friend\ or player sent you a PM, click right-click to reply back to them, as opposed to switching over to your friends list.

And sometimes, if you have your private chat on the internet', other players in Runescape who are not on your friends list, may contact you with a question or a simple remark. If you choose to reply in a private chat, you'll be asked to add them to your list to send the PM. And, even more importantly, if your friendslist is full you must remove someone to add them. Yes, it's pretty stupid, but it's better to right-click on the message to respond to the player even if the person was not in your list.

Ok , I'm no pure person like the majority of people, but i think it would be great to develop a weapon which is a combination of bolth Melee with Magic, so I came up... Description: Elemental (Dagger) (Short Sword) (Long Sword) (Claws). Type: Weapon-Dagger, Short Sword, Long sword, Claws 2 Hand Sword. Examin info: (When powered with runes) A combat item which is charged with the power of magic. (When not charged) An elemental combat item Perhaps I could accomplish something using this?

Requirements: To be able to RS Gold 2007 complete Elemental Workshop 1 and 2 and the Quest Elemental Shock, have 30 combat, 30 magic, and 30 defense. Variations: It can only be constructed using elmental bars but is available in the form of an Dagger short Sword or Long Sword and Claws or a 2 Hand Sword. How to get it: It can be bought by other players and smithed with 30 smithing after the completion in Elemental Workshop 1 and 2 as well as the Quest Elemental Shock.