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Benefits of Using CONTUO Height Adjustable Desk

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If there’s one thing workplace research can agree on, it’s that too much sitting is bad for you. But there's a solution for office workers! Numerous studies have shown that switching between sitting, walking, and standing

If there’s one thing workplace research can agree on, it’s that too much sitting is bad for you. But there's a solution for office workers! Numerous studies have shown that switching between sitting, walking, and standing in the workplace is vital to your health. Some evidence also suggests that staying active during the workday can improve your mood and mind. In this article you will know benefits of using Height Adjustable Desk .

According to Healthline, a standing desk allows you to stand while working comfortably. Early versions of standing desks were static and not as ergonomically beneficial as they are today.

Today’s versions are also known as a sit-stand desk or a height-adjustable desk. Typically, they are electronically powered, so you can alternate between sitting and standing during the day.

Designers consider factors such as monitoring size and height, varying tasks of a team member that may include answering a telephone along with working on a computer, and the need to take meetings with colleagues sitting down.

Weight Loss And Other Physiological Changes

Many people working in office environments fight the creeping weight increase that often accompanies an office job.

Fast Company reported on a study regarding standing desks, which found that 18 participants who used a sit-stand desk for three months lost weight.

While their body composition stayed the same, they shed pounds, which is a positive goal on its own.

That’s because standing burns more calories than sitting for a long period daily. You could even go one step further and opt for a treadmill desk.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Increased blood sugar levels are on the rise in a sedentary work world where pot lucks are commonplace.

The National Library of Medicine shared an article that shows positive results on blood glucose levels and responses for workers introduced to a hybrid sitting and standing work environment instead of their ordinarily desk-based work conditions.

Reduced Back Pain And Fatigue

You may often find yourself slightly hunched over when you stand up from your writing desk after a long day of proofreading and editing.

However, you’re less likely to hunch over a computer screen with bad posture while standing.

The National Library of Medicine reported on a 2014 study wherein office workers intermittently stood to work, resulting in reduced fatigue and musculoskeletal pain and discomfort in overweight and obese workers. The fatigue score was markedly higher during the seated phases of the study.

Improved mood and energy levels

Moving your body pumps fresh blood and oxygen to the brain, which releases mood-enhancing chemicals. Workers who received standing desks reported a significant improvement to overall mood within 7 weeks of using their sit-stand desks. Incorporating movement into the day promotes motivation, enthusiasm, and morale among employees.

Standing is also a natural way to get a jolt of energy. 87% of employees reported increased energy levels and alertness when using a stand-up desk. So next time you feel your energy flagging before you reach for a fresh cup of coffee, try standing up!

Enhanced brain power.

Good circulation is essential for good health. Within just ten minutes of sitting, blood flow is negatively impacted, slowing circulation and increasing risk for blood clots. Standing helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the brain by stimulating blood flow. It facilitates neurogenesis, or the creation of new cells, which increases brain power. Studies have linked standing during the workday to increased concentration, productivity, and performance.

It’s clear that incorporating more standing and movement into the workday will have far-reaching positive effects on your health. The question is not whether a standing desk is a good idea, but which sit-stand desk is the right fit for you.

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